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Waterproof solution

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Waterproof engineering  Into the turbine

Waterproof engineering Into the turbine

Changsha turbine building waterproof engineering co., LTD is a professional waterproofing company of hunan,Secondary waterproof brand advocates!Was established2004Years。Company professional to undertake a variety of roofing waterproof of hunan、Exterior wall waterproof、Toilet waterproof、The basement waterproofing、Waterproof roof garden、Choi steel roofing waterproof、Sewage pool waterproofing、DAMS are waterproof、The balcony is waterproof、Wave window waterproof、Expansion joints waterproof、Tunnel waterproofing and other building waterproof、Moisture proof、Waterproof bare、Flood protection project,Corrosion protection、Heat preservation and outside wall cleaning engineering,As well...


Turbine waterproof case

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Turbine service process

Hengyuan Service Process

  • Preliminary discuss
  • Free field exploration
  • Waterproof plan formulation
  • The construction contract
  • Civilization construction
  • Project completion acceptance

Turbine waterproof material

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Decorate material affects the quality of decoration Waterproof, no small leakage is big
Decorate material affects the quality of decoration Waterproof, no small leakage is big

What do a lot of people don't know accessories are included,Today we can to popularize it。In fact,Accessories can be roughly divided into four categories according to its USES to points。Including hydropower hardware,The various occurrences tube、Sewer pipe and pipe fittings;Carpenter's hardware,Mainly includes....

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